Saturday, September 13, 2008

A New Look & Combined Website!

I've combined my author website, my blog, my Yahoo Group and my psychic website into one place at Now I can post once and update everything! Boy, will that save a lot of time! I'll leave my website at A Psychic Haven running for a bit until get my shopping cart integrated into my main site. Once that's done, I'll forward the A Psychic Haven domain over there.

I'm also adding lots of new features over the next few weeks. My ultimate goal is to run two websites, my site at and the Paranormal Examiner site at

Effective immediately this blog ( will no longer be updated. I hope you stop by instead!



Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Celtic Seers Debut!

Join me Wednesday, September 3 at 11:00 am EDT as Sally Painter and I debut our new internet talk show - Celtic Seers!

Be sure and call in to say hi and ask us some questions about the paranormal! (646) 915-9977

Friday, August 29, 2008

BIG Announcement

BREAKING NEWS! I can now announce that I am the NATIONAL PARANORMAL EXAMINER at and my topic is listed under the heading Religion and Spirituality. As the Paranormal Examiner I'll post articles about current events and other topics that deal with the paranormal, psychic phenomena, metaphysics to name a few. I'm very excited about being part of and hope you stop by to read the articles and leave comments!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BLOCKBUSTER TWO WEEK EVENT with internationally renowned Clairvoyant Advisor, Melissa Alvarez.

I'm doing a huge event on Tarah Scott's blog over the next two weeks. Here's Tarah's promo for it. I hope you can come by and join us!

Monday through Friday of August 28 through September 11, Melissa will answer a SINGLE QUESTION reading per day to one lucky winner.

The owner of A Psychic Haven, Melissa was previously certified by the Psychic Society International, is a member in good standing of the Online Psychics and Divination Readers and The Ethical Readers Directory, is an approved clairvoyant at The Lotus Circle, is listed in Bob Olsen’s Best Psychic Directory and ranks in the top ten on She is the founder of International Paranormal Fiction Month and is a Spirituality & Publishing Expert at Melissa recently appeared on the nationally syndicated radio show, Your Time With Kim Iverson.

As if that weren’t enough! Award winning author, graphic artist and website designer, Melissa Alvarez writes as Ariana Dupré, and currently has three novels published with Cerridwen Press: Talgorian Prophecy, Paradise Designs in the Beneath A Christmas Moon Anthology, and Night Visions, which became a multiple award winning title when published by her own publishing company New Age Dimensions. Upcoming nonfiction titles include, Handwriting Analysis To Go and Color Power To Go which will be available from The Lotus Circle. Melissa is currently working on putting her psychic mentoring program into a book.

Here’s now the contest works.

There are two levels of giveaways.

First, the daily question. Post to the blog and you’re in the drawing for a SINGLE QUESTION psychic reading. The questions will be asked and answered on the blog, so be sure your query isn’t too personal for public posting. (Anyone needing more personal help is advised to visit Melissa’s website at This segment of the contest will run Monday through Friday of the two week event.

Once you’ve won a SINGLE QUESTION psychic reading you are not eligible to win another SINGLE QUESTION reading. Please, no entering under different names or different email address. Winning a SINGLE QUESTION psychic reading does not affect your ability to win one of Melissa’s books.

The second level is the books I’ll be giving away at the end of each week.

WEEK ONE: I’ll be giving away an e-copy of Talgorian Prophecy.
WEEK TWO: I’ll give away an e-copy of Night Visions.

Names will be drawn from all bloggers for that week. Remember, winners of the daily SINGLE QUESTION readings are still eligible for the book giveaways

The fun isn’t over! There’s a big extra perk, the ASK ME ANYTHING segment of this event. Throughout the two weeks, bloggers can ask Melissa any questions relating to metaphysics and writing. She can talk about anything from publishing to metaphysics. For a full description of the topics Melissa can cover, visit her website .

A FEW THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND. Because Melissa and I will be coordinating winners for the SINGLE QUESTION psychic readings, winners could be posted as late as a day later. For example, Wednesday’s winners might be posted and their queries answered by as late as Friday. We will do our best to stay on top of things, but work and family schedules can hamper getting everything done within a strict twenty-four hour period. Don’t worry, we will post all winners and give away all prizes. Melissa is a pro at blogging events, so I know you’ll all have a blast.

Melissa does have several rules for the readings. They are:

~Winners of the SINGLE QUESTION psychic reading must submit a SPECIFIC question – not a broad generalized question.

~Melissa will not read others without their permission. If you want to know something about your significant other – she will not read that for you because in order to answer she’d have to read him/her.

~Melissa doesn’t read anyone under the age of 18 - even if they’re your children.

~Melissa doesn’t do medical/health related readings.

Remember, the SINGLE QUESTION giveaways are for the Monday through Fridays of these two weeks. No SINGLE QUESTION giveaways will be offered for Saturday and Sunday. Melissa has three boys—yes, three boys!—and a husband, and five horses, four dogs and even three chickens so she needs some time with them. (Or is that time to recuperate from them?) I’ll be around—a poor substitute, I know—but we can chat and discuss the posts. Are you excited? I know I am!

Tarah Scott

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Your Time With Kim Iverson archive and Tropical Storm Fay.

I was recently on the nationally syndicated radio show Your Time With Kim Iverson where I did psychic readings for callers during Metaphysical Monday. The lines jammed up fast and I had a great time being on the show. This week I was featured again during The Best of Metaphysical Monday. I was honored to be chosen for that segment. I’ve put a Windows Media Audio file of the show on my site at if you want to hear it.

If you live in Florida, I hope you’re surviving the longest tropical storm ever! Is Fay EVER going to leave the state? We had two days of what seemed like hurricane force winds that blew water right into our house, flooded the roof so we had water coming down through the walls. What a pain. I spent most of last night cleaning the carpets and am finishing up today. Our farm is flooded – the horses are getting antsy in their stalls but the poor creatures have to stay inside a little longer. And it’s STILL raining here! I really can’t complain though. Twenty minutes north of us in St. Lucie county they got about 20 inches of water. They’re really flooded up there. And now Fay is coming back across the state. I just hope she doesn’t circle back down our way! That’s happened once before but I don’t remember which Hurricane it was. So to all my fellow Floridians – Stay Safe and Dry!


Melissa Alvarez/Ariana Dupre
Talgorian Prophecy On Sale Now ,

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm doing readings on a nationally syndicated radio show Monday Night.

Hi everyone,

This coming Monday 8-11-08 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time I’ll be on the nationally syndicated radio show Your Time With Kim Iverson. I was approached by the producers to be a guest as a clairvoyant advisor during their themed segment, Metaphysical Monday. I’m going to be doing clairvoyant readings during the show and talking about my books. To listen live just click on the “listen live” link in the upper right hand side of Kim’s website and it will give you a list of the stations that have media where you can listen live online. You can click on any of the links, it’ll take you to that station’s website where you just click “listen live” again and the player will start. The call in number is 1-888-9CALLKIM. If you’ve ever wanted to get a reading with me I hope you’ll call in!

I’m posting this early because I’ll be out of town this weekend for one of our horse’s first dressage show!


Melissa Alvarez/Ariana Dupre

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Books are now on ARe

I just received notice that both Night Visions and Talgorian Prophecy are now on sale at All Romance eBooks. You can still buy all of my books at Cerridwen Press but this is a great new outlet to gain readers. In case you didn't know, you can read Cerridwen Press books on your Amazon Kindle or Sony eReader!

When I came on to post I couldn't believe it's been three weeks since I last posted. I tell you what - summertime is crazy here! This past week I got so behind on everything. We're showing Klaske for the first time on the weekend of August 8 -9th so my trainer is putting in extra time with her and I'm out there learning because when Sarah goes back to school I'll continue to ride Klaske. If anyone in the Palm Beaches or Jacksonville needs an excellent trainer I highly recommend mine - her name is Sarah Murrell and she's absolutely great, is very knowledgable and truly cares about the horse performing at it's best. Then I had book edits come in and a slew of psychic readings. By Saturday afternoon I'd caught up but whew what a week!

Yesterday I woke up with the strangest impression. I felt like I needed to make something for three people. I don't know these people and yet this urge was so strong that I followed it through. I ended up making three pieces of jewelry knowing that the person they're for would find them. Each peice was made with white light, intention and love. I put them up on my psychic site A Psychic Haven if you want to see them. It was truly a case of me following my impressions as I've never made jewelry before.

Here's something to think about today: Don't take for granted the things closest to your heart. Cling to them as you would your life, for without them, life is meaningless.

I don't know who wrote that but it's so true. It's easy to take out our frustrations on those that we love the most or to take them for granted. Take a moment today to just cherish the people you love and let them know how much they mean to you.



Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Something To Think About

This one needs no explanation.

Don't shut love out of your life by saying it's impossible to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give love; the fastest way to lose love is to hold to it too tightly; and the best way to keep love is to give it away.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Something To Think About

I hope everyone had a great 4th if you celebrated. Here's something to think about today:

Don't dismiss your dreams, to be without dreams is to be without hope; to be without hope is to be without purpose.

That really says it all doesn't it? So hang on tight to those dreams and strive each day to manifest them in your life.



Thursday, July 03, 2008

Two new contracts, books going to print, something to think about...

I can finally announce that I've signed two new contracts with The Lotus Circle for two titles in their To Go series. The first book is Handwriting Analysis To Go and the second is Color Power To Go. I'll have more information about these when I have a release date.

And I just found out that the anthology I'm in with fellow authors Eden Robins and Karen McCullough titled, Beneath A Christmas Moon, will be going to print sometime this summer. Talgorian Prophecy, my paranormal romantic suspense title released under my pen name, Ariana Dupre, is also scheduled for print this summer. I'm thrilled. I've been with Cerridwen Press a long time and this is the first time I'll have print books released. It's very exciting!

We've had storms here for days on end and I just heard that the second tropical storm of the season has formed. I hope it stays far away from South Florida!

Here's the "Something To Think About" for today:

Don't underestimate your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different that each of us is special.

Isn't that the truth? If we always try to keep up with someone else or are jealous because someone else has something that we want or if we think she's prettier, funnier, skinnier then we aren't doing anything but holding on to negative energies. We are each special in our own ways and we should each embrace our uniqueness.

Have a great 4th of July weekend if you're in the United States! If you're not in the U.S. I still wish you a wonderful and happy weekend.


Melissa /Ariana

Monday, June 30, 2008

Something To Think About

As I sit here in the midst of finishing up edits for one book, talking to my husband about construction work and trying to decide which illustrations I want to do today, I pulled some papers off of my organizer. Out falls a packet of inspirational sayings that I saw on the wall of a doctor's office (they gave me copies) that I'd intended to post here. So, right now, right this minute, that's what I'm doing before I get sidetracked on something else. I'm going to try to post one a day until they're all up here. Let's see how many days I'll forget. LOL

Today's Something To Think About:

If you had a band that credited your account each morning with $86,400, carried over no balance from day to day, allowing you to keep no cash in your account, canceling all unused funds at the end of each day, what would you do?

You have such a bank. It's called TIME.

Every morning, each person's account is credited with 86,400 seconds. Every night, each second not put toward a good purpose is cancelled. Time carries no blanace forward. Nor does time allow us to borrow against future allocations.

We can only live on today's deposit and invest our time toward the utmost health, happiness and success.

--cited in Leadershop When The Heat's On

What are you going to do with your time today? Me, I think I'm going to use a little of it to relax. Time goes by too quickly when you have ten thousand things to do on your plate. What will it hurt to just walk away from it all for a few minutes and enjoy the blessings in your life? It's not going to hurt at all and may even be better for you in the long run. Enjoy your time.



Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guest blogger Marcia James

My guest-blogger today is Marcia James, an author of “hot, humorous romances”. Her debut comic romantic suspense, AT HER COMMAND, was released in trade paperback and e-book last year from Cerridwen Press. In June 2009, she’ll have a short story in a Berkley charity anthology with nine other authors. After a career in marketing and advertising, she enjoys PR almost as much as writing love scenes. Marcia offers her 150+ file of author promotion information to any author who requests it. Just email her through the “Contact Me” page on her Web site:

Please join me in welcoming Marcia. Here's her guest blog post:

When I was offered the chance to guest-blog on Melissa/Ariana’s blog, I asked her if I could talk about my favorite topic: author promotion. I never get tired of chatting up readers and authors about their favorite types of PR. I would love to hear opinions and suggestions from posters on this blog. ;-) Readers, what types of promotional items—bookmarks, excerpt booklets, autographed book plates, trinkets?—do you like to receive from authors? Authors, what are your favorite or most effective promotional efforts—blogs, chats, paid ads, booksignings, workshop presentations? Readers and authors, which PR things do your dislike? For example, I’m not a fan of public speaking, although I make myself present PR workshops to get my name out there. I also write PR articles, and the following is one from my Web site’s Articles page. I hope you enjoy it! – Marcia

THE PR BUDDY SYSTEM: The Benefits of Author Cross- and Co-Promotion
By Marcia James

Self-promotion. Say the word aloud in a room full of authors and watch a fingernails-on-the-blackboard shudder run through the crowd. Promotion can be a scary drain on time and finances. For this reason, savvy self-promoters are joining forces with other authors to share the expense and effort—a sort of PR buddy system.

The simplest form of cross-promotion is reciprocal links—authors posting each other’s URL links on their own sites. Cerridwen Press author Paige Cuccaro added a clever hook, posting both links and photos of other authors’ offices on her Web site’s popular “Writer’s Cave” page. And debut Samhain author Janie Mason has a Happily Ever Afters page with links and photos of authors and their spouses.

Another form of cross-promotion is guest-blogging, a free and easy way to introduce yourself to another author’s readers and vice-versa. Melissa/Ariana offers many guest-bloggers this opportunity. {{Thanks!}} Another example is Kensington author Shirley Jump, who has featured guest-bloggers on her recipe-filled “Eating My Words” blog. She even offered me, a non-cook, a shot at posting on my Avocado Body Paint recipe. It was a fun PR opportunity that cost nothing and required only a short commitment of time.

Interviews are another enjoyable way to cross-promote. Each month for my Web site’s “James Gang” page, I interview an author who has “James” in his or her name. The monthly “James Ganger” brings traffic to my site by announcing the interview to readers and email loops, while my fans learn about the featured author. And the interviews themselves can be used by the James Gang’ authors as part of their print and online press kits.

Co-promoting with other authors is another smart PR move. Many writers are banding together to do co-op ads or form group blogs. One example is the Vamps & Scamps blog. Kensington’s Dianne Castell, one of their ten authors, said, “The Vamps and Scamps loves guest-bloggers, too—both authors and readers. It’s fun to discuss books from both viewpoints.”

Authors can co-promote through a variety of joint ventures. For example, a group of Ohio authors, under the leadership of Berkley author Lori Foster, has a MySpace page. As one of these authors, I was able to dip a technically challenged toe into the MySpace pool without jumping in—possibly over my head—with the time commitment of my own page.

Another way authors can co-promote is conducting workshops together at conferences. Taking it a step further, Dianne Castell has joined her best friend Lori Foster to host their own conference, their annual Readers & Authors Get-Together in Cincinnati. “It’s a fun, relaxed weekend of readers and authors, and now agents and editors and publishers,” Castell said.

Creativity is part of a writer’s “toolbox”, and many are putting it to good use in cross-promotion. For example, Ellora’s Cave/Cheek author Michele Pillow sometimes does scavenger hunts, in which readers search authors’ Web sites, then answer quiz questions or locate hidden logos to win prizes. “I participated in the Halloween Scavenger Hunt,” Jenna Black said, “and my Web site hits [went] up hugely.”

Sourcebooks/Samhain author Terry Spear has turned her talent at making award-winning teddy bears into an author PR op. “I’ve been making specialty bears for authors’ books,” Terry said. “When they have their contests, I advertise their books and the contests on all my loops and my sites.” She also teaches online workshops, using examples from other authors’ books in the courses.

Mira author Brenda Novak is an amazing promotional role model. Her well-publicized, annual online auction for diabetes research offers an opportunity to join other authors, readers and industry professionals for a wonderful cause. “Everyone gives great stuff, but those who get creative and really run with it get spotlighted in my newsletter, [which] goes out to 22,000, and on the front page of my Web site,” Novak explained. In addition, she’s co-promoted her books. For example, she joined three other authors to produce a poster for bookstores when they all had a book coming out at the same time.

These examples of pro-active co- and cross-promotion are just a fraction of the opportunities available today. So the next time you hear the dreaded “self-promotion” word, don’t cringe. Instead, connect with other authors. The possibilities are endless.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Melissa....where are you??

Here I am! Good morning everyone. It’s been a while since I blogged. The kids are out of school for the summer and it’s pretty crazy around my house. I wanted to let everyone know what I’m up to so you guys don’t think I just fell off the face of the Earth. LOL

Pretty soon I’ll be able to announce the specifics for two new books. I’m itching to tell you all about them but I’m waiting to get my signed contracts back and then I can give you all of the juicy details. In the meantime, I have several other writing projects going on that I can tell you more about. First there are two metaphysical nonfiction books that are nearly finished but I’m not sure what publisher they’ll land at yet. When they’re released you can find them under my real name, Melissa Alvarez. One requires a lot of artwork that I need to provide so we’ll see what happens.

I’m currently in the midst of illustrating two children’s picture books that will be released in September by Adrema Press under my pen name Jara Jordan. They are It’s My Day, Jake! and Penelope Panda’s Shooting Star. Right now these books are planned to be released in both English and Spanish. I also have another book scheduled for release in October titled, Read With The Lights On! Spooky Stories For Kids. As Jara Jordan I’ve also got a young adult series and a middle readers series that are in the works. I’m going to seek agent representation on those two once I have a couple of books in each series completed.

O.M.G. - What happened to Ariana Dupre? Relax… Don’t worry… Ariana is still kickin’ it! Since it’s summer, I’m juggling my writing around illustrating, horses and family things. I’m giving Ariana a couple of months off. I do have more books planned for Ariana and I’ll go back to her books once the kids are back in school and I can think straight again. It would be very hard for me to leave the romantic suspense behind.

Also, look for a newly designed website sometime in the near future. I’m going to change it all up so everyone can find all my stuff in one place – if you like books by Ariana then your kids might like Jara’s books. If you're looking for enlightment then check out my metaphysical books. I’m planning to do the website redesign before September. Check it out at .

But Melissa – what about the radio shows?? Look for Celtic Seers in September (there's a lot happening in September isn't it?). Sally Painter and I are co-hosting the show and will discuss all sorts of metaphysical topics. The link is . I haven’t decided about my radio show yet. Did you guys enjoy it? Want to hear more of it? Comment here or send me an email and let me know what you think. It will definitely help my decision as to whether or not I start it back up again.

Right now I’m heading to the farm to feed the horses (we’ve got some of them up for sale if you want to buy one!) and then I’ll be back for the pool to tire the kids out, do some cleaning so my house doesn’t turn into a disaster, wash some clothes so my kids will stop complaining that they don’t have anything to wear (what they really mean is both of their two favorite outfits are dirty and they don’t want to wear any of the clean things hanging in their closets LOL), do some psychic readings that came in and then back to illustrating.

I hope you all are having a great summer! On June 26th my guest blogger is Marcia James. She’s talking about book promotion!


Melissa Alvarez/Ariana Dupre
Talgorian Prophecy On Sale Now ,

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Guest Blogger Mirella Patzer

Please join me in welcoming guest blogger Mirella Patzer। I asked Mirella some interview questions which she has answered below। If you have more questions for Mirella just leave them in the comment section! Thanks for being here today Mirella!

Bloodstone Castle by Mirella Patzer - Virtual Book Tour June 2008

Bloodstone Castle stands sentinel on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. Secreted somewhere in its dungeons is an ancient Roman treasure of immense value. Contessa Morena of Bloodstone Castle possesses a mysterious bloodstone pendant, the only proof the treasure exists. Since childhood, she has been promised in marriage to Duke Ernesto of Savona. Ernesto is a desperate man, a gambler who has lost his family's fortune, a man who resorts to murder, not once, not twice, but three times to keep from paying his debts and to hide his dirty secret. Marriage to the lovely Morena will make the treasure his and restore his power and desperate circumstances. After the brutal murder of his father, Duke Amoro of Genoa swears two oaths. The first is to avenge his father's death. The second is to honour his father's dying wish and wed Morena of Bloodstone Castle and end the violent feud with between their two families. He severs his affair with his mistress, Laria, and departs for Bloodstone Castle to propose to Morena. But Morena refuses to marry him. Her life thrown into chaos, Morena must choose between obligation and honour, truth and lies, good and evil. She must honour the betrothal her father arranged with Ernesto. Amoro continues to try to convince Morena otherwise.

Ernesto arrives at Bloodstone Castle to claim his bride, but finds Amoro there. The two men confront each other with much animosity.

Then, when the murdered body of Morena's father is brought home, Amoro helps her with his burial, then her and takes her to his home in Genoa. He is fiercely protective over her. This angers Morena at times because she insists upon her independence. While she is conducting an act of charity, she notices Amoro's men following her. As she tries to escape, she falls from her horse and is taken back to Amoro. When Amoro agrees to allow Morena full independence, they set a wedding date.

Laria and Ernesto meet and together they plan to separate Amoro and Morena.

On the day of the wedding, Morena falls into the clutches of Ernesto. Amoro arrives to rescue her and the two men agree to battle each other - winner gets the girl. Ernesto cheats and Amoro is held prisoner. Morena realizes her love for Amoro and to save his life, agrees to marry Ernesto. Laria is free to pursue Amoro again. But Amoro continues to refuse Laria. When Laria learns that Ernesto plans to kill Amoro, she aids Morena in a daring rescue to Amoro and his men.

In medieval Italy, two men face each other with ruthlessness and intensity. Enter their world of splendour and depravity, of passion and wickedness. It is Italy's most dazzling and dangerous age, and as Duke Amoro of Genoa and Duke Ernesto of Savona match wits and cunning, it is a dance the death to decide which one of them will win the hand of the beautiful Countess Morena and the hidden treasure of Bloodstone Castle.
Meet Mirella Patzer - Your Guide on This Adventure

Books are one of Mirella Patzer's obsessions, especially those that pertain to medieval eras and with Italy as a backdrop. To fulfill a life long dream, she began writing several years ago and has never looked back. Since then she has published several short stories and completed two novels with several more novels in various stages of completion. Her fascination for women of history and Italy is often reflected in her work, blogs, and website. When she's not immersed in research or writing or blogging, Mirella works as an editor for Enspiren Press. She writes from her home in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, surrounded by her husband, two college-bound daughters, and a rambunctious little grandson who frequently interrupts her work with a variety of unanticipated, yet humorous calamities and interruptions. For her, life couldn't get any better.

Interview with Mirella Patzer:

1. What drew you to write about the medieval era and Italy?

I am the eldest daughter of Italian immigrants who came to Canada in the late 1950's. I have visited Italy on several occasions during my life to meet my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who live there. From a very young age, I fell in love with Italy, its history, its beauty, its culture. I have always felt cheated - that I wasn't born there. The longing never leaves me. But my life and my immediate family are here in Canada. So I indulge my yearning for my Italian roots by researching and writing about Italy. As far as the medieval era goes, I think I was born with a strong interest in the Middle Ages. As a child, I read every fairy tale book in my library several times over, year after year. I loved reading about princesses, queens, kings, knights. I have carried that with me all my life except that now I read and write medieval era novels. My heart will always be in medieval Italy.

2. Did you have to do a lot of research for this book?

I have been researching 10th century Europe since 2003 because I'm writing a trilogy / family about Otto the Great and his family. But writing a true historical based on actual persons can be quite challenging because one must stick to the facts. And it takes years. I cannot change history so I know the plot and how it will end. But the creative side in me demanded to be set free - I needed a detour - a reprieve from so much fact, so I decided to write something purely from my own imagination. Thus was born Bloodstone Castle. To save time, I deliberately kept it in the 10th century so that I could focus on letting my imagination run wild and still keep historically accurate to the times without having to do a ton of new research.

3. How long did it take you to write Bloodstone Castle?

It took me about 2 years to write it on a part time basis. I had a full time career as a manager of several departments at a local police department, so I wrote after work and on weekends. During the writing of Bloodstone Castle, I was blessed with the birth of my grandson. In July 2007, I was able to take early retirement. I can only still write part time however because I care for my grandson on a full time basis while my daughter is going through law school. The day will come, however, when I can devote full time hours to my writing. But for now, I've never been happier. I have the best of both worlds - my grandson and my writing with no official day job.

4. What do you think is the hardest part of writing?

It takes a great deal of energy to be creative. And it takes several re-writes before I deem a chapter good enough to progress to the next. I change and fix almost constantly. Many author friends tell me to just write and not worry about polishing and editing until after one is finished their first draft. I'm too much of a perfectionist to take that advice, so writing takes me a little longer than most. I'm very critical of my writing and it takes a lot effort before I am pleased with the product I just completed.

5. The easiest?

I find editing and polishing the easiest. Once I have written the bones of a particular chapter, I love going back over it to add sights, smells, descriptions, reactions, details. That's when the scene really comes alive for me.

6. If you could be one character in your book who would it be and why?

I think I would be Smerelda, the wise woman and healer. She is mature, educated, self-assured, and knowledgeable. Wisdom comes with maturing. I agree with Oprah when she says that women in their 40's and 50's are enjoying some of their best years. I'm nearing 50 and I have never loved my life as much as I do now. I'm very blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive husband and daughters and the freedom to pursue my passion - writing.

7. What has been your most inspiring moment as an author?

I wrote a short story entitled Down Three Steps. It is a true story about an spiritual experience I had at my brother's grave in Italy. My brother died as an infant before I was born and before my parents immigrated to Canada.

The story was featured in the anthology Mamma Mia: Good Italian Girls Talk Back which became a Canadian bestseller. I travelled to Toronto for the book launch and met the other 17 Italian Canadian women who also contributed stories.

At the book launch, when I read part of my story to a large audience, at the end of my reading, I noticed many people crying or with tears. It was then I realized the power of the written word and how we as authors and writer can influence the lives of our readers.

8. If you could give other authors or aspiring writers one piece of advice what would it be?

Just do it. Just write. Figure out what it is you need to do to get writing and do it. For me, I knew I needed a laptop. So I went out one day, bought it, and I've never looked back. If it means buying a desk, or finding a quiet space, or buying a special pen or paper, get it and write. And don't worry about whether it's perfect or not. Once something is written, I recommend joining a critique group or online critique group which will help you hone your skill. Persevere. All is achievable if one sticks to it.

9. How are you enjoying your book promotion tour so far?

I am enjoying it immensely. The book tour allows me to meet other authors and readers and learn from them. I'm an avid reader too, so it's wonderful to be able to share what I've learned too. The Internet truly is a modern miracle.

10. Have you had any interesting fan moments?

Yes, I have and it is very gratifying. I love receiving email from a reader to let me know they want to buy my book or have read it. It's gratifying to know that my words have provided someone with a little entertainment or provided them with a tiny escape from our sometimes very stressful lives.

Thank you very much for allowing me to spend time with you and your readers. It was a true pleasure to be here.


Find Out More About Mirella Patzer and Bloodstone CastleMirella Patzer's Website -
Mirella Patzer's Blogs

Watch a Video for Bloodstone Castle

Reviews for Bloodstone Castle by Mirella Patzer

Monday, May 19, 2008

Guest Blogger Pamela S. Thibodeaux

Hi There!

When Melissa/Ariana asked me to blog today and gave me free rein on what to blog about, I was thrilled! And stumped.

After all, what can I say that hasn’t already been said in another blog post, article, interview or any other of the numerous exploits I’ve participated in on the Web?

So, I visited her blog to see what other authors are talking about, which is their books.

Great! But which one do I talk about?

Most would answer, “Your latest.”

Okay….which latest…latest published, latest in print, latest contracted?

What a dilemma!

No, I’m NOT complaining, LOL!

After writing for more than 25 yrs this is the place I longed to be: Multi-published, multi-contracted, and still more to go.

This is the place many writers long to be.

But may I take a moment to caution you, Dear Writer Friend?

Be careful and be smart
when it comes to your career and balance your writing with the rest of your life.

Who am I to say all of this?

I am Pamela S Thibodeaux and I write “Inspirational with an Edge!” romantic/women’s fiction. I’ve always been an avid reader and after one-too-many insipid little romances I figured I could do better. I was pregnant at the time I had this revelation and to this day cannot tell you if the book was really all that bad or if I just had a hormonal moment, but that was the impetus to my writing career which began in 5-subject notebooks way back then.

I’ve come a long way since that time. Today I have 4 novels, 3 short stories and numerous articles and essays to my credit and 2 more novels due out this year.

How do I do all this and maintain a family, a full-time job, and still act as President/Treasurer of a local writers’ group?

Honestly, I have no idea. Half the time I just fumble along, do what needs to be done and let the chips fall where they may. J

Here’s a little about my books…..My 4 (maybe one day 5) part ‘Tempered’ series is published through Com Star Media, LLC.
Tempered Hearts, Tempered Dreams and Tempered Fire are available in Ebook and Print.
Tempered Joy is due out this year.

My debut single-title novel, The Inheritance is published through The Wild Rose Press

and is also available in Ebook and Print.

My short story ebooks, Cathy’s Angel, Choices, and A Hero for Jessica
are also published through The Wild Rose Press and are available as downloads only.


I have written numerous articles and essays over the years that have appeared in both print and electronic publications, many of them can be found @ Associated Content. The rest of my articles and essays will be posted when I have the time.

Last but definitely not least, my debut Women’s Fiction title, The Visionary, is coming this year from Enspiren Press.

Okay, now you have my life in a nutshell, so what more is there to say?

Not much really so I’ll end this post with wishing you the best of God’s BLESSINGS on you and yours!

Until later, take care and remember…..Love and peace are magical emotions so share love and peace and both will abound in your life.

Pamela S Thibodeaux
“Inspirational with an Edge!”

Friday, May 16, 2008

Guest Blogger Dyan Garris

Join me in welcoming back guest blogger Dyan Garris. This time I asked Dyan some questions, which she graciously answered. Before we get to the interview I want to tell you about Dyan's giveaway.

Each person who posts a comment on any or all of Dyan's blog tour spots will be entered in a random drawing for a copy of Dyan Garris’ CD – Release. Share your thoughts and comments with Dyan. She will check in throughout the day to answer questions. You’ll learn more and you have a chance to win a CD.

Dyan is offering a FREE teleclass for anyone who has read Money and Manifesting - if you haven't already read the book, visit Dyan's website to order a copy - For full details about the class, visit this page
For more information about Dyan Garris and her virtual tour, check the schedule at and Her website is full of great details about all of the items within her “toolbox” and there are many special features. She provides the tools you need to have a full and happy life – and it’s not as hard to achieve as you think. Visit Dyan’s Amazon profile for links to many of her products -

I hope you enjoy Dyan's interview.

1. Can you explain what "mindful meditation" is?
Mindful meditation is meditation that keeps you in the present moment. One could really call it a misnomer in a way, because the goal is to let the linear thoughts of the mind drift off. The goal is to focus on your breathing and on staying in the now. A lot of people have challenges quieting the chatter of their conscious minds and just being in the moment. Mindful meditation will help you do that. The second CD in my series for Automatic Chakra Balance™ “Moment by Moment” has a mindfulness meditation on it. It’s six tracks of music for relaxation that prepare you for the “Moment by Moment” meditation on the last track. If someone really has trouble turning off their mind dialogue, this will really help. The guided meditation is only fifteen minutes and you come out of it feeling completely centered, grounded, and fully present. But you don’t need a guided meditation to have a mindful meditation. What it comes down to is being able to focus.

2. If someone wanted to use music as a healing toolwhat is the first step they'd take?
The first step would be to figure out where you’re vibrating. What frequencies make you feel good? What music do you find completely relaxing? The music in my CD series is designed to clear and balance the energy field just by listening. There are six CDs in the series, but I purposefully did not number them because I wanted people to just intuitively choose which music and meditations they want to start with. If you follow your intuition your spirit will lead you to the right music for healing.

3. How do angels present themselves to us?
Angels are messengers. Messengers show up in different ways and at different times in our lives. Angels deliver their messages in many ways, but mostly in ways in which we are open to receiving the message. So sometimes they will speak directly to us; and sometimes they will show up in a dream or vision, or even deliver their message through another person. Angels are always around us. We have only to be open to that and know that we are so loved.

4. What method to you recommend for someone to get intouch with their own psychic abilities?
In order to really reconnect with your own intuitiveness, you have to first quiet the chatter. You can’t ever hear anything above the roar of your own thought processes. It’s similar to two or more people trying to have a conversation and constantly interrupting each other or talking over each other. You end up with a big noisy mess and no one can hear what anyone else is saying. Then you have to figure out what your intention is with developing your intuition. Do you want to communicate? Do you want information? Do you want to help others with your gifts? Or do you want to win the lottery or perhaps win a psychic challenge? My point is you need to figure out your intentions so that you can align your will with universal will. The more you meditate and just sit in the stillness of “all that is,” the more you will hear, know, or see. This is really the easiest and fastest way to “phone home.”

5. If you could pick the one thing that preventspeople from manifesting and acquiring what they want what would it be?
The main thing that prevents people from manifesting and acquiring what they want is the misconception of what manifesting really is. Manifesting is a co-creative process, not the process of someone demanding that things show up a certain way simply because they put their minds and positive thoughts on it. Using the Law of Attraction is only one step in the process of manifesting. This is the biggest stumbling block that I’m seeing now. People are trying to manifest only by using the power of their minds. There is more to it than that. It’s an integrative process. And learning to manifest really doesn’t have to take years. It isn’t difficult.

For many years Dyan Garris has been counseling clients in order to help them move forward in their lives. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. In addition, Dyan is also what is known as a voice recognition psychic and trance channel. This means that she can help her clients via telephone, which is how she conducted her readings throughout her career.

Dyan is the author, developer and artist of Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards. This is a thirty card deck of angel cards based upon scenes from A Healing Journey Guided Fantasy. Each hand illustrated card has its own channeled message in rhythmic quatrain verse from the angels. Free angel card readings are available on her main website. A journal is available separately as an integrative tool for use with the cards and a meditation journal is available for use with the CDs.

Dyan writes the Daily Channeled Message which posts on her website. Recently she authored The Book of Daily Channeled Messages which is a compilation of inspirational angelic messages to be used for daily guidance or as a bibliomancy tool.

Her book Voice of the Angels Cookbook – Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking is an adventure in opening one’s creative centers and communicating with your food so it can transform from raw ingredients into what truly nourishes you on every level.

In 2005 she created a CD series of instrumental music and meditation for Automatic Chakra Balance™, self-healing, relaxation, and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit. Each CD is available separately, as well as together in a gift basket, and contains several tracks of relaxation music plus a guided meditation on the last track. The CDs have earned the National Health & Wellness Stamp of Approval.

Her new CD of instrumental relaxation music “Release” was released in late September 2007. Dyan’s music can be heard nationally and internationally on numerous radio stations. “Release” recently charted at #3 on Music Choice’s cable TV music channel Soundscapes and is currently nominated for New Age Reporter’s “Best Relaxation/Meditation Album of the Year” and “Best Cover Art.” “Illusions” recently charted at #1.

She is a frequent radio guest on the Jay Grayce show at Tribeca Radio in New York City and has been interviewed by numerous other radio hosts. Recently, Mystic Pop Magazine interviewed her for their January/February issue. Living In Style TV featured her products in their 2007 holiday show.

Dyan Garris is the author of Voice of the Angels Spiritual Cards, The Book of Daily Channeled Messages, Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking, and Fish Tale of Woe – Lost at Sea. In 2005 she created a series of music and meditation CDs for healing, Automatic Chakra Balance,™ and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit.

Media Inquiries: Margarita Miranda-Abate,

Thanks so much for being here today Dyan! I wish you lots of success on your tour and with your books!

Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm guest blogging at Title Magic

Come join me at Title Magic today! I'm guest blogging! I know I haven't been online much (I'm writing, writing, writing) so I'd love to chat with you today!



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Bidding and Blogging!

Brenda Novak's Auction Is In Progress!

I was very happy to see that the bidding on the clairvoyant reading I donated to Brenda Novak's annual online auction was great for the first day! If anyone has ever wanted to win a detailed past life reading with me - go bid! Let's raise some money for diabetes research! Just click HERE and it will take you to the page I'm listed on. Look for my book cover of Night Visions to find my listing. It's loads of fun and for a wonderful cause!

I'm blogging on The Romance Studio Blog today. Come on over and leave a comment!



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Guest Blogger - Tracey H. Kitts

Why do we like werewolves?

What is it about these deadly creatures that has captured the imagination of so many people? Is it their strength, their power? Is it their ability to reveal the animal within? Or is it something more? After all, beauty has always been drawn to the beast.

In Red, book one in my werewolf hunter series I say, “It is not a coincidence that before people on other continents were aware of each other, they had all developed their version of the same legend.”

But am I wrong? Was there ever such a thing as werewolves or do we all just long to unleash the beast sometimes? Everyone has experienced a moment at some point in their lives, whether it was brought about by pain or pleasure where they just wanted to growl. Is that merely our inherent primal instinct or something wild within?

Perhaps we yearn for the long forgotten freedom of our cave dwelling ancestors. Or maybe we just love a hairy chest. It sure would be great to wolf out on the boss sometime or flash some amber eyes at that annoying guy who always gives you the wrong change at the video store.

Or better yet, how great would it be to mate for life? To give that kind of commitment without doubt, protection without a price. Do we envy the ability to give ourselves completely, no matter what the cause?

Whatever your reasoning may be, the world loves werewolves. Whether it’s movies or books, the werewolf has graced the covers of more magazines and more silver screens than anyone except Dracula.

For some it’s his raw sex appeal that keeps them coming back for more of the furry type. For others it’s the idea of being able to kick some serious butt the way most werewolves do. I mean, have you ever seen a wimpy one?

So, whatever culture you’re from in whatever part of the world, it appears that lycanthropes are here to stay. Perhaps lycanthropy is real after all … only it spreads through our imaginations instead of through our bloodstream.

Tracey H. Kitts is the author of the Lilith Mercury: Werewolf Hunter Series with New Concepts Publishing.

For more information on Tracey and her books, you can find her at or

To watch the book trailers or just have some fun you can also visit Tracey’s Blog.

Be a friend:)

Join the pack

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Romantic Times BOOKreviews gives Talgorian Prophecy 4 Stars!

4 Stars - Hot
Romantic Suspense

Dupré's well plotted and exciting novel grabs the reader. At its center is a wonderful story about lovers reconnecting. This is surrounded by a suspenseful paranormal adventure with several twists that will continually surprise.

Summary: Megan Cassidy has a vision of her son Robbie's abduction. But although she's a renowned psychic, the police don't believe her. Megan knows that a serial killer is using Robbie to get to her, so she turns to her former fiancé Brody Phelps for help.

Brody is the best tracker in West Virginia, and when she tells him who Robbie is, they head into the mountains searching for him. On their journey, they learn about the Talgorian Prophecy and its life-changing ramifications. But first they must rescue Robbie.

Reviewed by Sandra Garcia-Myers
Thank you Sandra!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Guest Blogger Dyan Garris

Please join me in welcoming guest blogger Dyan Garris.

by Dyan Garris

Flashback circa 1993. Like Merlin in his crystal cave, I am surrounded by shimmering multi-colored faceted crystal as I sit at my desk designing a piece of jewelry. The sunlight flows in like liquid gold from the window, plays on the sparkling gemstones, and sends the gift of radiant rainbows all around me. I am surrounded and give up. It is awesome beauty and the magic of the universe at its finest. I breathe it in deeply.

As I am bathed in this pure magnificence, I hear, feel, and sense a presence. This is nothing new or frightening to me, as I am a clairvoyant. I listen quietly as many voices converge into one and these too, I breathe in. I remain still because I know that in the center of that silence is the Truth. I am being asked to write something down. I step over to the computer and begin to write what is soon flowing as smoothly as honey.

I am writing a “journey.” It’s a healing journey. We begin on an island and we pass through several colorful doors and cross a bridge. There is a beautiful blue river and a raft that has no oars. We put the raft in the water, climb in, and float trustingly, since we cannot control where we are going. I feel as if I have visited this place somewhere in time. It feels that real. We play in the waterfall of rainbows, meet the friendly dolphins and receive a gift from them. We leave our troubles in the peaceful clearing and we encounter our guardian angels. The sheer beauty of the journey almost brings me to tears. We look into the mirror and receive answers to our deepest and most puzzling questions. We connect with the light; and when we emerge from this peaceful journey, we return with our whole selves. Yes, I think I have been to this place. It’s as if I’m remembering and bringing that imagery back here.

Flash forward to the present moment. “A Healing Journey” was the beginning and foundation of my current body of work. From that healing journey evolved a deck of angel cards, Each card has its own message from angels in rhythmic quatrain verse and each card is based on a scene from that journey. Then eventually one by one came all of the other tools in the toolbox that I’m almost done building. Six music and meditation CDs for chakra balance and for relaxation and connection to inner wisdom evolved in 2005 and 2006. Words and music flowed like manna from heaven. In 2007 my CD “Release” was born. It is eleven tracks of relaxation music for the purposes of releasing whatever is stuck and keeps one from moving forward on the path. Each CD vibrates progressively higher and “Release” vibrates to the seventh chakra.

Along the path came a journal to use with the cards and one to use with the CDs. And then came other books, each also vibrating progressively higher. At the top of this is “Money and Manifesting,” which teaches people how to unblock their core energy for manifesting. There are two more items that go into the toolbox and very soon it will be a complete system that people can use for spiritual growth and transformation.
As I created this healing journey out of one rainbow filled moment, I lived it in every sense of the word. I pondered many times what it all really meant. I contemplated the bigger picture. In that process I came to have in my possession several keys, which I now share with you. In order to be truly happy and in order to really manifest anything, one must move everything out of their way that blocks their path; and one must learn to align one’s will with universal will. This is what gives us the ability to co-create with the truth of our spirits, rather than demand, like petulant children, that things show up in our lives just because we want them. Our lifetimes here are like a flash in a moment of time. Live like the shining light that you are. Everything here is a learning process, a process of remembering, a process that brings us full circle. It all truly is a healing journey.
For many years Dyan Garris has been counseling clients in order to help them move forward in their lives. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. In addition, Dyan is also what is known as a voice recognition psychic and trance channel. This means that she can help her clients via telephone, which is how she conducted her readings throughout her career.

Dyan is the author, developer and artist of Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards. This is a thirty card deck of angel cards based upon scenes from A Healing Journey Guided Fantasy. Each hand illustrated card has its own channeled message in rhythmic quatrain verse from the angels. Free angel card readings are available on her main website. A journal is available separately as an integrative tool for use with the cards and a meditation journal is available for use with the CDs.

Dyan writes the Daily Channeled Message which posts on her website. Recently she authored The Book of Daily Channeled Messages which is a compilation of inspirational angelic messages to be used for daily guidance or as a bibliomancy tool.

Her book Voice of the Angels Cookbook – Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking is an adventure in opening one’s creative centers and communicating with your food so it can transform from raw ingredients into what truly nourishes you on every level.

In 2005 she created a CD series of instrumental music and meditation for Automatic Chakra Balance™, self-healing, relaxation, and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit. Each CD is available separately, as well as together in a gift basket, and contains several tracks of relaxation music plus a guided meditation on the last track. The CDs have earned the National Health & Wellness Stamp of Approval.

Her new CD of instrumental relaxation music “Release” was released in late September 2007. Dyan’s music can be heard nationally and internationally on numerous radio stations. “Release” recently charted at #3 on Music Choice’s cable TV music channel Soundscapes and is currently nominated for New Age Reporter’s “Best Relaxation/Meditation Album of the Year” and “Best Cover Art.” “Illusions” recently charted at #1.

She is a frequent radio guest on the Jay Grayce show at Tribeca Radio in New York City and has been interviewed by numerous other radio hosts. Recently, Mystic Pop Magazine interviewed her for their January/February issue. Living In Style TV featured her products in their 2007 holiday show.

Dyan Garris is the author of Voice of the Angels Spiritual Cards, The Book of Daily Channeled Messages, Talk To Your Food! Intuitive Cooking, and Fish Tale of Woe – Lost at Sea. In 2005 she created a series of music and meditation CDs for healing, Automatic Chakra Balance,™ and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit.

Media Inquiries: Margarita Miranda-Abate,

Money and Manifesting - Summary

By Dyan Garris

Money and Manifesting is more than a manual about how to apply the laws of attraction and think positively. It teaches you the real secrets of manifesting. Here you will learn what really stands in the way of manifesting, how to unblock the energy flow of money, and how to actually transform energy to get what you desire.

The Law of Attraction is part of what you need to know to manifest, but it is only one part of the process. We do not ultimately create anything with just the power of our minds. While the power of the mind plays a very important part in manifesting, the very seat of creation is in our base chakra.

In the book Money and Manifesting you will learn how to unblock, activate, and integrate the energy of every chakra so you can effectively create exactly what you desire to create. For those that have tried in vain to implement the Law of Attraction, this book will help you understand exactly why this hasn’t worked for you. And it will teach you exactly what you need to do to learn to manifest.

In addition to this, parts of the book are fictionalized. There is a good story here too that anyone can relate to. When we can relate, identify, and see ourselves reflected, we then have a platform for change. The book is written this way so that while you are reading it, you are already actively engaging in the process of left brain/right brain integration. This is a first and necessary step to manifesting anything. When you’re done reading, you’ve already had an exercise in integration and you’re on your way to manifesting. You will feel an automatic shift.

“It is not enough to think positively, repeat affirmations, and attract positive energy. We must implement and integrate this learning into our daily lives. This is the real secret of manifesting money. It is the real secret to manifesting anything.” – Dyan Garris, author of Money and Manifesting


Nicholas Fortuna...............................................1
What’s Wrong With Positive Thinking? .........7
The Root Chakra.............................................10
Why Positive Thoughts and Passion Are Not Enough............................................12
The Other Chakras and The Law of Attraction ...............................................13
Success – The Measure of Success .................14
Carla ...............................................................17
Barriers to Manifesting – Patterns, Belief Systems, and Illusions.................23
Poverty Consciousness....................................23
Duality Consciousness.....................................27
Karma .............................................................28
Entitlement .....................................................29
The Illusion of Separation ...............................31
The Illusion of Limitation................................33
Fifteen Million Dollars.....................................37
Illusions of the Linear Mind – Perceptions.......39
The Khaki Shorts.............................................39
Person A & Person B.......................................41
The Illusion of Time........................................43
Lucky ..............................................................45
Chakra Balance and Stuck Energy ...................51
The First Chakra .............................................53
The Second Chakra.........................................55
The Third Chakra............................................58
The Fourth Chakra..........................................61
The Fifth Chakra.............................................63
The Sixth Chakra ............................................65
The Seventh Chakra........................................67
Yantras and Mantras........................................69
Elayne .............................................................77
Chakra Balancing – Part I................................85
Breathing & Relaxation Techniques.................87
Prana Breathing...............................................88
Centering ........................................................90
Create a Sanctuary...........................................92
Chakra Balancing – Part II.............................101
Patterns, Habits, Change and the Mind, Body, Spirit Team...............................................107
The Integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit......112
Money as Energy – Breaking Down the Barriers to Manifesting..............................123
The Feng Shui Money Tree – Something Out of Nothing................................................127
Lucky ............................................................131
Working with the Energy of Money...............135
Debt and Financial Responsibility .................137
Lucky ............................................................141
Manifesting 101 ............................................143
Responsibility and Choices............................145
Lucky and Nicholas.......................................147
Green Lights..................................................149
The Basic Principles of Manifesting................151
Don’t Give Up – Let Go and Release..............153
Lucky ............................................................157
Carla .............................................................159
Being Grateful ...............................................165
Judgments .....................................................166
Forgiveness ...................................................167
Carla .............................................................169

The very first thing to understand about money is that we do not “make” money. We create and open pathways to the flow of the energy of money. Money is energy. In and of itself it has no power. The power it has is our perception that it has power and this is what fuels the energy of money. These perceptions stem from illusion, perspectives, and deep seated belief systems.

If we understand these concepts as a basis, then we can begin to understand that we need to learn to open pathways of energy flow. Part of that process is learning how energy works, how we can utilize that energy, and subsequently learn to manifest.

What makes this book different is that you will learn how to actually transform energy and learn how to integrate energy and align the mind, body, and spirit so that the things you are manifesting can actually occur. This is called synchronicity.

The magic of synchronicity can’t happen if your will isn’t aligned with universal will because we cannot manifest from a place of ego, which is the place of wants, needs, and desires. This is the place where the mind decides what it wants irrespective of what the spirit came to do.
And synchronicity can’t happen if you don’t integrate and implement the learning. Reading about how to manifest is one thing. Thinking positive thoughts is another thing. But actually implementing, and clearing a pathway for the energy to travel on and then integrating, is quite another matter.

The energy of money resides in the root chakra. In order to manifest anything we need to understand the chakra system, why it’s a factor, and learn how to balance and clear our chakras and chakra system. You will learn how to do that here as well. It is not difficult. But it is integral to the process of manifesting anything.

And we will be breaking down the illusion of money as it relates to self worth. Money as we know it is basically pieces of paper. Those that have learned to equate their intrinsic value and ultimate “success” with money should seriously consider when they became pieces of paper.

These illusions and perspectives have to do with learned patterns and belief systems; and here you will learn about these things, where they originated from and what to do about them too.
We will go beyond positive thinking and “you are what you attract” and “you are what you think about.” While those things are certainly true, just knowing about those or engaging in positive thinking doesn’t take you to the next steps.

Positive thinking and affirmations do not necessarily lead you to learning how to actually create money flow in your life. You have to integrate the positive thoughts into your belief system as truth. They have to take true form in the chakra system and replace the old patterns. This is what we can then build a foundation on, and subsequently an amazing new house.

You will learn how to integrate the energy of mind, body, and spirit and thus be able to attract and create anything you choose, not just money.

I wrote the book the way I did for a reason. That is so that while you’re reading it you’re engaging left brain, right brain, and the different chakras as well. The book itself is an exercise in integration. And the characters each have blocks to manifesting. In one way or another they are each in their own way of getting what they want.

Everything is a reflection; and if you can see yourself reflected here even in one small aspect, you will then have the keys to unlocking the doors to manifesting. All it takes is the knowledge of how to connect the dots, the ability to turn the key in the lock, and the willingness to step through the doors.

Synchronicity is what happens when the mind, body, and spirit are working together as a team.

Manifesting is bringing all layers of the etheric body, mind, physical body, and spirit together in synchronicity.

Value and worth are perceptions.

For much more information about Dyan Garris and Money and Manifesting, visit for complete tour details. To learn about the products Dyan offers, visit her website - You can order your copy of Money and Manifesting from her website or from

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Guest Blogger Ashlyn Chase

If you base your love story on real people, should you tell them?

Death by Delilah is based (loosely!) on my brother’s real life romance with his wife. I dedicated the book to her for making my brother a happy man. He’s gone now and we all miss him terribly, but thanks to her, he had twenty very happy years.

But she doesn’t like erotic romance, or comedy, and as a writer of erotic comedy, well, the story and their characters went though a bit of transformation. On the other hand, so did mine! Yes, I wrote myself into the book. I’m Gabby. The hero’s younger sister. I added a couple of characters too…in the form of two ghosts looking out for Delilah. But even meddling ghosts have challenges and policies to overcome when communicating with the living.

The conflict was real. He was a Naval Officer when they met. She was enlisted. The Navy regulations prevented them from dating and as far as marriage—forget it! They lived together off base and had to come up with a solution to their dilemma before they got caught…and they did!

My solution is more creative and somewhat different from the one they found—unless they didn’t tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth—so help them! It’s well known that for a story to be interesting, even though you may love your characters, you have to torture them a bit. I sincerely hope they didn’t experience the torture I inflicted on Josh and Delilah!

Will I tell my sister-in-law about the book? I doubt it. Will I tell her I dedicated it to her? I don’t know. She probably won’t read it, anyway. She even unsubscribed from my mailing list! Oh well. I’d rather be down one fan than down a family member. What do you think? Should I tell her?

Speaking of my mailing list…I have a contest going on to celebrate the release of Death by Delilah for members only. It’s so easy and the prize is so cool, you’ll have to check it out! Would you like to be in the running for a large Coach designer inspired bag with the logo prominently displayed? All you need to do is be a member of my emailing list. That’s it. I’ll draw a winner from fans willing to put up with an occasional e-mail from me…how hard is that?

Death by Delilah releases Aril 11th from Ellora’s Cave. See all my Ellora’s Cave books here:
Sign up for my mailing list on the front page of my website.

It's Spring Break

Yep, it's that time again. This week is Spring Break for my kids so I've been away from the computer a LOT. We've done Spring cleaning in the house, gone for a five mile walk in this very cool park that we just discovered, and taken Flat Stanley everywhere! Today is pool day so we'll be splish splashing away.

I do have some news to share though. My husband and I just launched two new websites. One is called Friesian Ink an advertising site where you can list horses, trucks, trailers and equine related products for sale and the other is the Friesian Ink Community for horse enthusiasts. I'm also doing a show at Friesian Ink Radio and my first guests are Bobbi Fenderson, President of the Friesian Horse Association of the South East and Bruce and Staci Griffin. They'll be discussing a clinic that Bruce and Staci are conducting in Weirsdale Florida on April 26th presented by FHASE. If you love horses we invite you to come by and check out our sites and tune into the show.

I'll also know if fourteen days if one of our mares is pregnant. They're up in Ocala and boy do I miss them! All we have in the barn right now are two fillies and a stud colt that thinks he's "all that". If it worked, Klaske will be home in two weeks and Whitney in three. We do have several Friesians up for sale. They're listed at Friesian Ink and at our breeder's site at Top Hat Friesians.

Tomorrow my guest blogger is Ashlyn Chase so I hope you can stop by and check out her posts.

I'll be back to regular posting next week!



Thursday, April 03, 2008

Guest Blogger Denise A. Agnew


No, I’m not talking about global warming, a great day spent on a tropical beach, or a heavy duty survival reality show where you’re stuck for weeks on end with hunky men who can make a raft out of palm trees and sunscreen out of an exotic combination of plant and herb. I’m talking about my series at Samhain Publishing

My first story with Samhain Publishing was released in May 2007 and is called MALE CALL. At that time I didn’t have a notion of writing anything in a connected story or series. Bang! One day an idea just came to me. After writing the first story about an Army reservist overseas in Iraq falling in love with his pen pal back home, I knew I had to write about more men who experienced wartime and the women they would love. So, the HOT ZONE series was launched, and I haven’t looked back. All of these stories are set in the fictional small city of Clarksville, Wyoming. Let me give you preliminary blurbs on all the stories in the series.

In October 2007 the next novella came out and it’s called UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER. She’s archaeology, he’s Special Ops, and both of them teeter on the edge of stepping into the HOT ZONE. She wants the adventure of a lifetime and isn’t willing to sacrifice it for any man.

Archaeologist Fredricka “Freddie” Bodine returns to her hometown for her twentieth high school reunion, unaware that her old crush, Keith Wallace, has blown back into town. A single memory is etched deeply on her brain—the high school prom where she shared an emotionally revealing dance with him. They’d both left town after graduation, feelings unresolved and teen angst firmly in place. All he wants is to keep the girl he loved and lost safe, even if she hates him for it. Keith doesn’t want her to travel to Los Diablos, a lawless area near ancient ruins that he’s visited during his Special Forces ops, and the place where his sister was killed years ago. As they grapple with family pressures and the exploding passion between them, their battle of wills may just lead them to the truth living in both their hearts.

April 1 Samhain is releasing PRIVATE MANEUVERS. Sometimes a woman craves, sometimes a man wants… When the two collide, its guarantee to pitch them straight into the danger lurking within the HOT ZONE. Marisa Clyde wants nothing to do with the soldier who is acting as a temporary bouncer in her uncle’s tavern. Stoic and over six feet of smoldering masculinity, the hunk helped rescue her during a tour gone bad in Mexico. During those few short moments after she first met him, the tension between them screamed off the charts. A devastating hurt in the past blocks her willingness to surrender to him. If she can wait him out now, he’ll only be in town a month and then he’s out of her life. Jake Sullivan watches Marisa like a hawk, well aware his need to protect is messing with his mind and making him care for Marisa way more than he should. Priding himself on clinical detachment in the game between man and woman, he figures once he’s slept with her, she’ll be out of his system for good. But that’s before he experiences her on a deeper level and learns she just might be in danger again.

In May Samhain releases CLOSE QUARTERS. When all hell breaks loose, sometimes you just need someone to cover you. Neena Williamson struggles to keep her high-pressure job from overwhelming her, and she thinks the demons of her past have long since disappeared. One night, she sees a man wearing the most hideous Hawaiian shirt on earth and vows he’d never fit her image of a hot bod for a local charity’s new hot male calendar. Then the evening erupts in violence, and he proves that first impressions can be dead wrong. Sometimes having a simple cup of coffee can turn into a complicated situation…Mitch Gilroy hides in plain sight, enjoying his low-key handyman job. His former life isn’t open for discussion, and Clarksville, Wyoming is the perfect place to find peace. Then a gunman forces his hand, and Mitch must remember everything he’s tried so hard to forget. Thrown together, Neena and Mitch quickly discover how tangled their emotions can become, and only by working together can they banish the monsters that haunt them and heal a lifetime of regrets.

There should be at least one more story in the HOT ZONE series. Stay tuned to my web page at and for all the news on this series and my other series and stand alone novels.

Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek into what’s coming from the HOT ZONE. With these novellas I tried to convey a sense of homecoming and what that can mean to someone who has survived a dangerous situation. Plus, I wanted the character’s pasts to catch up with them in some way, to have them stretch and grow and discover it is possible to find love even when you least expect it. What types of stories make your blood race? Do you like stories set in dangerous situations, or do you prefer the more mundane and often more realistic home fire settings?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome Guest Blogger Savanna Kougar

The Red Lioness and Mars

If you’ve never met an actual shape-shifter or were-beastie ~ darn it, I haven’t yet ~ perhaps you’ve wondered if there are such wondrous dangerous creatures residing on our Earth, in our Universe, in our quantum multiple universes. I contend, from my personal logic and from my other life-time remembrances, there are shape-shifters of every conceivable design, of every stripe and spot, from animal, insect to buckets of regenerating liquid (Star Trek).

What was one of my inspirations for creating Sun Rocket Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan, my lioness shifter heroine in Red Lioness Tamed? It was the planet, Mars. Our next-door cosmic neighbor. The red planet named for the God of War. Since childhood, when I learned about the solar system, I’ve always been drawn to mysterious Mars. And certainly, since listening to Richard Hoagland, author of Dark Mission and genius Mars researcher, on Coast-to-Coastam with Art Bell, then with George Noory, Mars has become not only a fierce fascination, but a puzzle piece toward understanding our antediluvian civilizations, or the time of Atlantis and before.

The Red Lioness and Mars ~ well, there’s that enigmatic giant face on Mars, half feline and half human, if you truly study the features. Pyramids abound on the Mars surface, if you dare to study beyond what is provided for public consumption. Pyramids ~ Egypt ~ The Sphynx ~ The cat goddess, Bast ~ cat worship during the high culture of ancient Egypt. Okay and roar like the March lion, it appears like a definite connection to me, to my writer’s tale-spinning mind (or is that tail-spinning when creating Big Cat shifters?).

However, that’s where the fun begins for me. And where my logical mind leads, saying...hey, there must be feline humanoids. Not to mention there are some contactees who claim to have met feline humanoids and drawn their pictures.

Not surprisingly, the magical ‘what if’ waves in my mind like a wand. What if a feline race occupied Mars at one time? What if the ancient Egyptian civilization was partially based on that knowledge? What if the black ops scientists of today are doing their mad scientist best to breed races of human-cat hybrids? And how would that play out in the far future? When the galaxy has become nearly as small as our current world?

Red Lioness Tamed by Savanna Kougar ~,

Liquid Silver Books, Molten Silver ~

Year 3051, the Earth calendar used on Terra-Mars, a terra-formed moon orbiting Mars, the home world of ‘Sun Rocket’ Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan.

Blurb: What does a lioness shifter do when she's suddenly trapped in an unknown space cruiser's cargo hold? Then, despite her ability to savagely defend herself, she's trapped beneath the handsome human Captain. And next, cat-scratching ridiculously, she finds herself carnal-trapped, and meow yowl! bound by leather straps in his bed?

Answer: She fights tooth and claw. Problem: The loner Captain is nova-hot at seducing her.

Chapter One excerpt:

All Shades of Blue Paradise ~ available from Siren Publishing ~
Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ coming from Aspen Mountain Press
When a Good Angel Falls ~ coming from Siren-Bookstrand late in 2008.
Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil ~ coming from Siren Publishing
American Title IV finalist ~ Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis