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Welcome Guest Blogger Savanna Kougar

The Red Lioness and Mars

If you’ve never met an actual shape-shifter or were-beastie ~ darn it, I haven’t yet ~ perhaps you’ve wondered if there are such wondrous dangerous creatures residing on our Earth, in our Universe, in our quantum multiple universes. I contend, from my personal logic and from my other life-time remembrances, there are shape-shifters of every conceivable design, of every stripe and spot, from animal, insect to buckets of regenerating liquid (Star Trek).

What was one of my inspirations for creating Sun Rocket Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan, my lioness shifter heroine in Red Lioness Tamed? It was the planet, Mars. Our next-door cosmic neighbor. The red planet named for the God of War. Since childhood, when I learned about the solar system, I’ve always been drawn to mysterious Mars. And certainly, since listening to Richard Hoagland, author of Dark Mission and genius Mars researcher, on Coast-to-Coastam with Art Bell, then with George Noory, Mars has become not only a fierce fascination, but a puzzle piece toward understanding our antediluvian civilizations, or the time of Atlantis and before.

The Red Lioness and Mars ~ well, there’s that enigmatic giant face on Mars, half feline and half human, if you truly study the features. Pyramids abound on the Mars surface, if you dare to study beyond what is provided for public consumption. Pyramids ~ Egypt ~ The Sphynx ~ The cat goddess, Bast ~ cat worship during the high culture of ancient Egypt. Okay and roar like the March lion, it appears like a definite connection to me, to my writer’s tale-spinning mind (or is that tail-spinning when creating Big Cat shifters?).

However, that’s where the fun begins for me. And where my logical mind leads, saying...hey, there must be feline humanoids. Not to mention there are some contactees who claim to have met feline humanoids and drawn their pictures.

Not surprisingly, the magical ‘what if’ waves in my mind like a wand. What if a feline race occupied Mars at one time? What if the ancient Egyptian civilization was partially based on that knowledge? What if the black ops scientists of today are doing their mad scientist best to breed races of human-cat hybrids? And how would that play out in the far future? When the galaxy has become nearly as small as our current world?

Red Lioness Tamed by Savanna Kougar ~,

Liquid Silver Books, Molten Silver ~

Year 3051, the Earth calendar used on Terra-Mars, a terra-formed moon orbiting Mars, the home world of ‘Sun Rocket’ Kahoqua of the Windgrass Clan.

Blurb: What does a lioness shifter do when she's suddenly trapped in an unknown space cruiser's cargo hold? Then, despite her ability to savagely defend herself, she's trapped beneath the handsome human Captain. And next, cat-scratching ridiculously, she finds herself carnal-trapped, and meow yowl! bound by leather straps in his bed?

Answer: She fights tooth and claw. Problem: The loner Captain is nova-hot at seducing her.

Chapter One excerpt:

All Shades of Blue Paradise ~ available from Siren Publishing ~
Tangerine Carnal Dreams ~ coming from Aspen Mountain Press
When a Good Angel Falls ~ coming from Siren-Bookstrand late in 2008.
Pleasures of Blue Lotus Oil ~ coming from Siren Publishing
American Title IV finalist ~ Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ghost Hunting, or How Popular Has the Paranormal Become?

There have always been ghost hunters, or people investigating the world of the supernatural. I grew up reading Hans Holzer, who wrote books about his investigations into many supernatural occurrences. In fact, I’ve noticed that his books have been brought back for sale in brick and mortar bookstores and through Amazon. You can find them at , if you are interested in reading them. And not just his books, but other ones came out in the ‘60s and ‘70s, along with other investigators of the paranormal. I got to know about not only ghost s and UFOs, but of the Mothman in West Virginia, lake monsters, the New Jersey Devil, and more. Then it seemed you didn’t hear much more, except for a few books.

Then the television show, “X-Files” premiered September 10, 1993. People watched it, loved it, and it got good ratings. No, there is no division in the FBI for investigating weird cases like Mulder and Scully did, but suddenly, the paranormal became popular. People questioned it. They wanted to know that, ‘the truth was out there’. Wanted to know more about life beyond death. And some more paranormal groups were formed.

Years later, “Ghost Hunters” premiered on SciFi. People watched it. And suddenly groups like TAPS began popping all over the world. Other shows of paranormal investigators sprouted in other TV stations and more and more ghost books began coming out everyday.

Some groups use psychics. Others wouldn’t have a psychic in them, instead they believe in the scientific approach, using engineers, policemen and scientists and cut and dry investigations to prove or disprove if the haunting is real. Others are amateur sleuths. Others have a mixed bag of everything. There are no set rules. Instead this is fabulous, for human beings are questioning, something we all should do. No one is an expert on life after death. We can only offer theories and hope we prove them right. My own is that the supernatural is dimensional and that anyone can see a ghost, it just has to happen at the right time when a dimensional door opens. Whether I am right or wrong, it’s a theory. Right?

I admit I wrote a ghost book, Haunted Richmond, Virginia, published by Schiffer Publishing, and doing one on folklore and legends of Virginia next for them. And yes, I am a member of a Virginia ghost group, Virginia Society for Paranormal Education and Research. I’ve done my own investigations with other ghost hunters, using camera, DVD camcorders and EVP (electronic voice recorder). I even wrote things down. Not only is it fun, but I am hopefully offering insights and maybe a path toward proving what is right or not.

So what are you waiting for? Go read those books. Find a ghost group in your area—MySpace and MeetUp.coms are great places to start. It doesn’t matter if you’re a believer or skeptic. Like I said earlier, there are no set rules. But one thing is very certain these days, the paranormal is very popular.

Pamela K. Kinney is an author of published horror, science fiction, fantasy, horror, poetry and the nonfiction book, Haunted Richmond, Virginia, published by Schiffer Books. Also as Sapphire Phelan, she has published erotic and sweet paranormal/fantasy/Science Fiction romance. She lives in Chesterfield, Virginia with her husband, Bill, and their cats, Ripley and Bast. You can find out more about her and what she has or will be coming out at her website: or at either of her MySpaces:
She admits she can always be found at her desk and on her computer, writing. And yes, the house and husband sometimes suffers for it!

And the winners are...

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Cerridwen Press Authors Spring Fling! The list of winners and their prizes are:

Grand Prize - Congratulations Jean P!
She wins an eBook reader with the following titles:
Jenyfer Matthews All the Way Home
Mary Ann Chulick Game Time
Teri Thackston Deadly Climb
Sam Cheever Tween Heaven and Hell
Liz Jasper Underdead
Catherine Berlin Return To Me
Dorothy McFalls Lady Iona's Rebellion

First Prize: Congratulations to Shannon!
She wins the following titles:

Charlene Leatherman Prophecy of Vithan
Janet Miller aka Cricket Starr Tasting Nightwalker Wine
Jean C. Gordon My Lady Viking
Judith Atkins Anna's secret
Karen McCullough Beneath a Christmas Moon
Karen McCullough Shadow of a Doubt
Lise Fuller Intimate Deceptions

Second Prize: Congratulations to Cathy McDonald!
She wins the following titles:

Eilis Flynn Introducing Sonika
Marianne Stephens Street of Dreams
Micqui Miller Morning Star
N. D. Hansen-Hill Gilded Folly
Amy Corwin Smuggled Rose

Third Prize: Congratulations to Debby!
She wins the following titles:

Sharon Horton My Shadow, My Love
Melissa Alvarez / Ariana Dupre Talgorian Prophecy
Terry Odell Starting Over
Vicky Burkholder Danger Xy-One--Book One of the Hunter for Hire Series

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New Review for Talgorian Prophecy!

This has been a wonderful week for reviews. I just found out about this one from Simply Romance Reviews for Talgorian Prophecy and again I'm absolutely thrilled! Thank you Lynda!


What would you do if you were a famous psychic and your son was just kidnapped by a ruthless serial killer? Go the police? I think not, especially when they don’t believe a word you say. You head off to find him, and that’s just what Megan Cassidy does in Talgorian Prophecy.

No one believes she can find her son but she knows she can, her visions become more and more haunting and she has no choice but to ask for the help of her ex-fiancé Brody Phelps. She has never stopped loving him but he has never forgiven her for the loss of his parents seven years ago.

But Megan has a secret she’s kept from Brody and when he finds out and agrees to help her find Robbie they learn even more unbelievable truths as they hike through the mountains of Virginia.

What is the Talgorian Prophecy? Well you’ll have to read this fast paced, hold on to the edge of your chair book by Ariana Dupré to find out. I’m not going to spoil one word of this excellent story. Can you say “what a twist?” You will and more as you hike along with Megan and Brody on their desperate search for Robbie before time runs out.

I really loved this book, it had a couple of really great surprises and it was never slow. The characters were well rounded from the obnoxious police officer (I swear I wanted to kick his butt myself) to Megan, our heroine, who loved her son so deeply nothing not even the threat of death would keep her from rescuing him. One warning, make sure when you start Talgorian Prophecy you have plenty of time to read because you won’t want to put it down until you have turned the last page. I can’t wait to read more by this very talented author. ~Reviewed by Lynda

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another great review for Beneath A Christmas Moon!

I just found out about this review and am so happy that it received 5 Hearts. Thanks Melinda! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book.

Score (1-5) Hearts: 5 - Lifetime keeper!

"Beneath a Christmas Moon is an enchanting tales of heroes that have not had good luck lately and women that will not go away to be with their man. Three great stories that all have such a great story line it is hard not to like each one. They are all paranormal yet each one is different from the typical shape shifting and vampire story. Each one tells about love that they wish they can go through and a life they dreamt of having. I loved them all and any reader will enjoy each story." ~ Melinda, Night Owl Romance



Monday, March 17, 2008

Wow - what a review! I'm THRILLED!!

5 Cup Review! I'm so happy with this review. Thank you, Wateena, you made my day! Check out that last paragraph everyone!


ISBN# 978-14199-141-64
February 14 2008
Cerridwen Press
194 Pages
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Megan Cassidy is a psychic who is fast becoming famous. Megan has a six-year-old son whom she keeps secret from the media. Seven years ago Megan fell in love with Brody Phelps and became engaged, but when a bad prediction leads to Brody’s hatred she left and never looked back. But now a psycho serial killer named the as the “Mangler” has her son Robbie, and there is only one tracker who knew those mountains and that is Brody Phelps.

Brody Phelps is Chief at the Flatrock Creek Ranger and Police station. Years ago, Brody made a promise to himself to help find the lost, especially the children. Now Megan comes back wanting him to help find her kidnapped son, Brody did not know if he could let his heart go through that pain again. But the “Mangler” has followed her to Flatrock and Brody knows he could not turn his back on Megan this time.

Megan explained to Brody about the visions she is having and what she was seeing, and although skeptic, Brody decides to follow her leads. Megan soon takes them on the route to the Talgor Ridge, where old myths and legends were told of the Talgorian Mountains. And as they start the hunt, both Megan and Brody enter into a whole new world neither knew existed and the myths of the mountains were true. The fight for Megan’s son becomes entwined with a fight against evil. Megan soon learns exactly who and what she is. Fighting together Brody and Megan become closer than ever, but Megan has already seen her death and knows there is no future for them ever.

Ms. Dupre has created a mind blowing tale that grabs you right from the start, throwing you into a maelstrom of action and keeping you on the edge of your seat all the time. With superb ingenuity the author pens a breath taking adventure with some astounding characters and sensual romance. Without missing a beat the author takes you from a normal hunt into a spectacular paranormal world where you learn the key to what is happening. This is one of those stories that at the end the reader feeling like they had just run a marathon. To sum all of it up would be to say one phenomenal read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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Guest Blogger Cindy Spencer Pape

The first vulture of spring…

March in Michigan. Not the prettiest time or place. Don’t get me wrong, my home state can be beautiful. The phenomenal Great Lakes, lots of brilliant green in the summer, urban architectural grandeur in Detroit and Grand Rapids, and magnificent color in the fall. But in March? Yuck. Melting snow that’s more gray than white. Leafless trees and brown muddy grass. But there is hope! Birds are chattering away outside my window this morning. Yesterday I saw the first vulture of the season. Yeah, that’s a weird sign I know, but they do migrate, so if they’re back it is a sign of spring. And instead of jackets and sweaters, the stores are full of swimsuits.

So spring is springing, albeit at its own leisurely pace. And I am anxious. I’m tired of trudging through snow and I miss having the windows open while I type. Knowing the weather in my part of the world we’re due for one or two more snowstorms before winter gives up the fight, but for today I’ll move my computer to the sunny spot by the kitchen window and pretend. Some day, I tell myself, I’ll be able to move me and my computer someplace warm, where I can sit on a shady porch and look out at the ocean while I type. Hey, we all have to have dreams, right? Goals are important, and all that. And for a writer, imagination is a prerequisite. So if I want to sit here and pretend that the palm tree on my computer screen is actually right outside my window…well, probably shouldn’t mention it, or I might be getting a visit from the nice men in the white coats.

Ah, but that’s the life of a writer. If we admitted to half the stuff that goes on in our twisted little brains, the psych wards would be packed with us, all frantically scribbling away with crayons, and saying, “not until I finish this scene,” when it’s time for medication. No, much better to put all our craziness down in our fiction and pretend that’s where it came from all along.

If you’re looking to heat up your day a bit, you might want to check out “Teach Me,” a Torrid Tarot novel available today from Ellora’s Cave ( Hopefully that will melt the snow off your roof. I’d love for you to leave me a comment, here, and you’re all more than welcome to visit my website: and come chat with me on the Novel Sisterhood loop:

Finally, thanks to Melissa, my gracious hostess, for inviting my ramblings today. To all of you, have a wonderful weekend, and may the first vulture of spring bring only good things to each of you!


Clue Day 14 - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Liz Jasper's UNDERDEAD is now available in print, but her 2008 EPPIE Award nomination (and WINNER!!!) was for UNDERDEAD in this green version. Look for today's word in VERY BIG PINK TYPE at Liz's website

Good luck!



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Clue Day 13 - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Here's your Clue for the Day: Next to Chambord and champagne, Frances likes this best. Go to to find out the answer. After all, this and champagne go together!

Good luck!



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Clue Day 12 - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Karen likes fantasy and mystery along with her romance, but for Christmas get her a vampire. Please! Check for today's secret word.

Good luck!



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Free psychic readings on Raven Radio tomorrow

Join me tomorrow, Wednesday March 12th, on Raven Radio where I'll be giving free psychic readings to callers and chatters. I hope to see you there!

Today my guest on The Reader's Round Table is Elaine Cantrell. Come join us at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.


Melissa Alvarez

Clue Day 11 - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Here's your Clue for the Day:

Jude Atkins writes romantic suspense. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe you'll find that's true (and her picture) if you check her web page at

Good luck!



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Clue Day 10 - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Clue for Day Ten:

"She never knew when she grew up she'd be writing romance for this publisher.

Check out Jenyfer Matthews' bio page at her web site ( for today's secret clue.

Good luck!



Romance Book Junction - Come join!

Visit Romance Book Junction

This is a very cool new network! Come on over and join us!



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Brenda Novak's Online Auction for Diabetes

Check out Brenda Novak's annual online auction for diabetes research. There are lots of fantastic items you can bid on. I've donated a detailed past life reading so make sure you stop by and bid on the items you like. It's loads of fun and for a wonderful cause!



Clue Day 9 - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Sam Cheever’s website contains lots of surprises for readers. Check it out at!

Good luck!



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Clue Day 8 - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

We've got a poet today!

Go to and solve this riddle:

'tis a four-letter word with an "m" and a "t", so stop by the lighthouse, look, and see.

Good luck!



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Winding Down The Reader's Round Table podcast

Hi Everyone,

I'm winding down The Reader's Round Table podcast for the season. I'm going on hiatus after the March 20th show and will decide in the Fall if I'll continue the show. I have some great guests scheduled over the next two weeks so I hope you'll join us! Here's the show schedule:

March 10, - Patti Shenberger (11:00 to 11:30) and Shannon Emmel (11:30 – 12:00)
March 11, - Elaine Cantrell (11:00 to 11:30)
March 13 – Marcia James (11:00 to 11:30)
March 18 – Deb Aaron (11:00 to 12:00)
March 20 – Mary Castillo (11:00 to 11:30) and Nancy Haddock (11:30 – 12:00)

To read details of each show, just click on the main show page. Thanks! I'll talk to you on Monday at 11:00 AM.I'm also scheduling guest bloggers on my blog so if you're a writer and would like to contribute just let me know.Smiles,Melissa Alvarez/Ariana Dupre

Clue Day 7 - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

You can find This 'n' That at Sharon Horton's web site, including today's word. Check it out at

Good Luck!



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Clue Day 6 - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Check out Eilis Flynn's website in her reviews section. Her secret word points to generosity in action!http://www.coffeeon _sgg/m5m9_ 1.htm.

Good luck!



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Clue Day 5 - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Vicky Burkholder hangs out with these folks and brainstorms her great plots with them. Go to and find today's word!

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Free tarot readings this Friday on The Reader's Round Table

Please join me on Friday when my guest is Charlotte Hubbard. She'll be doing free tarot readings during the show. To call in and ask a quesiton just dial 347-215-8473 or ask during the show in the chat room.Also, my latest release, Talgorian Prophecy, just got it's first review! I'm really excited about it.

"Talgorian Prophecy is filled with suspense, love, and fantasy. The plot will keep readers on the edge of their seat. The emotions in this story run deep, I was wiping tears several times before I finished reading Talgorian Prophecy. The characters are well-defined. Megan is a strong character willing to fight to the death for her child. Brody is a wonderful character, although at times I wanted to yell at him for his stubbornness. Fans of suspense, romance and fantasy will love this one."

Reviewed by Ann Boling for

Talk to you Friday!


Melissa Alvarez

Clue Day 4 - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Terri Thackston always puts this person first when she thinks about her next book. Go to her blog at and find today's clue.

Good luck!



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Clue for Day Three - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Sometimes characters have a say in their own character development. Read how Randy, hero of Finding Sarah, helped author Terry Odell. And it won't cost you a thing to read it. (HINT: it's FREE). Check her web site at for details.

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Clue for Day Two - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Here's your Clue for the Day:

Micqui Miller's home page ( sends you to her books page where a secret word is sitting right on top of her guest book -- the word could be an male animal or it could be something we'd all like a lot of! Check it out!

Look down a couple of posts for the complete contest rules.

Good luck!



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Clue for Day One - Cerridwen Press Spring Contest

Here's your Clue for the Day:Amy Corwin writes Regencies (and dabbles in other genres, coming soon) -- check her BOOKS page at for the secret word of the day!

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The Cerridwen Press Spring Contest Has Begun!

READERS! Here's the information you've been looking for!
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Here are the rules for the First Annual Cerridwen Spring Giveaway:
· The Grand Prize winner must be a United States resident (due to mailing and custom costs, we cannot ship the grand prize out of the country).
· You must be a member of the Cerridwen Chat Yahoo group to participate in this contest. All clues and contest information will be posted on that loop. To subscribe, send a blank email to:
· You cannot share information about the contest with other readers. All participants should act independently.
· Every day, starting on March 1 and ending on March 15, a clue will be posted on the Cerridwen Chat loop. This clue will lead you to a specific web site or blog location. You must find the hidden/special word on that web site or blog. There will be fifteen words to find, one for each day of the contest. The word will be in a special font, something like this so it will stand out and you should be able to see it easily. If you want to be eligible for the grand prize, you have to find these words. Note the word and the location where you found it.
· You also need to find a tree icon and note that location. Beginning on March 1, look for the tree icon on the web site or blog of the participating authors (see the author list at the end of this page). Make a note of the location of the tree icon or blog.
· The contest ends on March 15 at 5 PM. The tree icons and the 'secret words' will be removed from the author locations at that time.
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· You will need to find 15 words and 13 trees for a total of 28 entries. Sound like a lot? It is, but the prize is pretty big, too!
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· The grand prize winner will be chosen from those who submit correct responses.
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