Thursday, August 21, 2008

Your Time With Kim Iverson archive and Tropical Storm Fay.

I was recently on the nationally syndicated radio show Your Time With Kim Iverson where I did psychic readings for callers during Metaphysical Monday. The lines jammed up fast and I had a great time being on the show. This week I was featured again during The Best of Metaphysical Monday. I was honored to be chosen for that segment. I’ve put a Windows Media Audio file of the show on my site at if you want to hear it.

If you live in Florida, I hope you’re surviving the longest tropical storm ever! Is Fay EVER going to leave the state? We had two days of what seemed like hurricane force winds that blew water right into our house, flooded the roof so we had water coming down through the walls. What a pain. I spent most of last night cleaning the carpets and am finishing up today. Our farm is flooded – the horses are getting antsy in their stalls but the poor creatures have to stay inside a little longer. And it’s STILL raining here! I really can’t complain though. Twenty minutes north of us in St. Lucie county they got about 20 inches of water. They’re really flooded up there. And now Fay is coming back across the state. I just hope she doesn’t circle back down our way! That’s happened once before but I don’t remember which Hurricane it was. So to all my fellow Floridians – Stay Safe and Dry!


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