Saturday, July 05, 2008

Something To Think About

I hope everyone had a great 4th if you celebrated. Here's something to think about today:

Don't dismiss your dreams, to be without dreams is to be without hope; to be without hope is to be without purpose.

That really says it all doesn't it? So hang on tight to those dreams and strive each day to manifest them in your life.




Tarot By Arwen said...

I love that quote. It's from a poem by Nancye Sims. You can see the whole thing here

A lot of places have it as anonymous. :)

Melissa Alvarez said...

Thanks for the link Arwen! The sheet the doctor's office gave me doesn't even have anonymous on it.

If anyone else recognizes any of the things I post under the Something To Think About section please post the link too!

Thanks again Arwen!